Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 1 -Day 1

Me: I'm super fat. Weight 160lbs Height 5'3" Food-Bagel with cream cheese, glass of water, tuna wrap with fresh garden salsa, tortilla chips (7), glass of water,white rice, scallops, shrimp chicken. Him: Weight 218 Height 5'10" Food- Bagel (plain), vegetable and chicken sandwich,white rice, beef, chicken, veggies, chocolate bar. Exercise- We both walked approx 2.5 miles.


Ok so today I begin my weight loss endeavor, hopefully with my boyfriend, but he's lazy. My goal is to lose 20 lbs by February 25th, if not more than that. His goal is to lose 30 pounds by February 25th. Every day I will post what I ate that day, my work out for that day and I think I'll do a weekly weigh in, however for the first week I might do a daily weigh in just to keep myself motivated.